The Modern Wedding Dress: A Change from the Old and Traditional

December 5th, 20102:51 pm


The Modern Wedding Dress: A Change from the Old and Traditional

You’re so over the white, lacy dresses with the incredibly long train.  You aren’t feeling the long veils, especially the types that are draped over your face during the wedding ceremony.  You want something different, you want something new, but you’re not sure where to start.  Here are some things you can be on the look out for when you are hunting down the perfect modern wedding dress:


So you never dreamed about walking down the aisle with a twenty-foot train trailing behind you.  You are not alone.  A lot of modern wedding dresses these days vary in length, some being mid-shin in length or some being right above the knee in length.  You can choose from an A-Line style of dress, a tight tube-style dress, or one of the most modern and most stunning forms of a shorter dress is one that flairs out around the hips and then tapers down again to the bride’s thigh.

If all else fails, you can opt to wear a white cocktail dress or any sort of evening dress that suits your style and wedding theme.


An easy way to add a “dash” of modern to your wedding dress is to add some color!  No matter what length your dress may be, you can easy buy dresses that either come in full on different shades (such as pink, violet, blue, black, brown, etc.) or you can add a colorful trim or sash to your dress that also matches the theme of your wedding.

Some other things to decide when choosing a different colored dress or splash of color include:

  • Does the color compliment your skin tone?
  • Does the color you have chosen have any sort of personal significance?  Is there a cultural significance?
  • Does your groom like the color, or are you keeping it a surprise?

Don’t be surprised if your groom is a bit shocked if you show up in a wedding dress that has different colors.  It may take him a moment or two to adjust, but he’ll love the uniqueness of your dress.

Cultural Dresses

There are some brides who really want to use their wedding as an opportunity to celebrate where they came from, and what time is more fitting than celebrating that with your family, both new and old?  Some cultural dresses that you may want to consider for your own wedding are:

  • Chinese brides can choose from a number of beautiful red Asian dresses
  • Cherokee Indian dresses involve wearing a tear dress with a ribbon shift
  • A Celtic dress is usually green with the coloring or pattern matching the family’s family crest
  • Silk kimono style dresses are a fun way to celebrate any Asian culture

Bridesmaids Dresses

Any bridesmaid section of any store will have a whole lot of different dresses with different styles with a ton of different color options.  If you are stuck on finding your alternative dress, why not try the bridesmaid section of the store?  Your bridesmaids will love helping you choose out your dress while you and they choose out theirs.

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