Alternative Wedding Transportation Ideas


Not sure how you want to arrive to your wedding’ No problem! Depending on where you are holding your reception, how you arrive may depend on your location. Here are some ideas on how you can arrive to your wedding in style without having to use the standard ‘limo’.

On the Lake

If you have your wedding ceremony or reception near a lake or near the water, you have a ton of fun and wonderful ways in which you can arrive to your wedding. One of the most popular ways to arrive to a wedding that is being held by the water is to arrive by boat or yacht. Nothing is more exciting for the guests to see a boat cruise right on up with the bride or groom standing at the helm, waving and smiling to their guests with music playing from the boat. You may even be able to coerce the captain of the ship to hang around and give the guests a ride, too.

For the more adventurous bride and groom, you can also choose to arrive on wave runners. A fun way to do this is to have the bride and groom to both rent wave runners and board them from different places on shore. As they zoom around the lake, they end up sailing right to one another (taking care not to crash!) with the guests watching, and they speed to the shore together.

A more serene yet fun way to arrive to a wedding or ceremony on the lake is to use a paddle boat. More romantic and less terrifying, brides and grooms usually also arrive still looking beautiful rather than wet and wind-blown.

On the Snow

If you happen to be throwing a wedding in the mountains during the wintertime, you have a number of different choices when arriving to your wedding. Why not hire a team of sleigh dogs and ride up to your wedding ceremony in a classic wintry way’ The dogs will undoubtedly be a huge hit.

If the bride and groom are huge ski and snowboarding fans, the bride and groom can also ski and snowboard right to the entrance of their wedding. This may not always be possible if your wedding venue isn’t at the bottom of a hill, but if it is your guests will be thrilled with this entrance.

Similar to the wave runner, you can choose to arrive to your wedding ceremony on a Ski-Do. Not only is it a thrill for the bride and groom, but your guests will most certainly never forget your entrance!

On the Road

All because you’re getting married in a church doesn’t mean you have to settle with the ‘typical’ wedding transportation. The horse drawn carriage is a romantic way for the bride to arrive at the ceremony.

For a bit more off-beat way to arrive, a bride and groom may choose to ride together on a tandem bicycle, or on a motorized bike that includes a side car for the bride.

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