How to Write your Wedding Vows: What you Need to Know

Writing the wedding vows can both be blissful and stressful at the same time. Writing vows brings about fond feelings that we have for the one we are about to wed, but the thought of sharing these feelings, or putting them into a coherent sentence, can be beyond trying for a lot of brides and grooms. Before you write your vows, here are some things that you should take into consideration: Can you write your own Vows? Though we have all heard about the bride and groom who stress over writing their own vows, there are quite a few officiants […]

The Best “Groom’s Cake” Ideas

One of the hottest trends to hit the wedding world is allowing the groom to have his own ‘groom’s cake’. The purpose of the cake? To celebrate the groom, of course! Most brides will admit that their wedding was for the most part, if not entirely, all about them, so having a groom’s cake at the wedding is a good way to allow him to add his own personal touch to the day. If you’re stumped for ideas about what to get your groom for a cake, or you want to help him brainstorm, here are some of the best […]

The Worst Wedding Nightmares

Afraid that your Uncle Bob or your little nephew Tommy may turn your day of wedded bliss into a nightmare’ It can happen! Count your lucky stars that none of these wedding nightmares happen to you. Too Much Booze’ Weddings are a time where the alcohol is usually flowing freely, which may bring out the more colorful and less desirable side of your otherwise wonderful family and friends. The alcohol was to blame when a San Franciscan bride had her sister and her aunt both decide that table top dancing would be a ‘good idea’. One of them fell off, […]

How to Pick the Best Wedding Venue

Congratulations on your most recent engagement! Oh, the joy and light headedness you feel when you first become engaged’ the romance’ the thrill’ And then comes the wedding planning. Wedding planning can be a complete headache to most brides, which is why a lot of brides end up with the unfortunate nickname ‘bridezilla’. But can you blame them’ Between choosing the cake, the decorations, the colors, their dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, trying to get the groom on board and, most importantly, the venue, the whole ordeal would stress even the most patient of people out! The best place to start […]

The Biggest Wedding Color Mistakes

You have dreamt about it, known about it, and planned it out right up to this very day. You think you know what colors you want for your wedding, but once you begin putting the plans into motion, you are beginning to have your doubts. For a lot of us brides and grooms, choosing appropriate wedding colors and wedding color combinations is no easy task. If you’re looking to avoid some of the most common and worst wedding color mistakes out there, read on: Using Too Many Colors One of the most common errors that brides and grooms make when […]

Top Wedding Gripes your Guests will Have 

Everyone will tell you that you have the most beautiful wedding, but behind the backs of many brides and grooms there are a lot of murmurings going on about what was done well and what was not done so well. Here are some guest ‘tell all’s’ about what they hated about the weddings they have gone to recently. Travel Time Guests may tell you that they love your reception venue, but trust us, when they have to drive well over an hour to get there from the ceremony venue, they certainly aren’t thinking about how ‘lovely’ it is. One of […]

Stocking up your Own Bar at your Wedding Reception

If you are thinking of hosting your own bar at your reception, congratulations! You are well on your way to saving potentially hundreds of dollars that you can otherwise spend elsewhere. Before you tempt the idea of hosting your own bar, you will have to consider these things: Will the venue allow for you to have your own open bar’ Or do they have one that you must use? You will probably need to obtain a liquor license in order to serve alcohol in a reception venue. Will you be able to obtain one? Unless someone you know of is […]

When your Parents Disapprove of your Fianc

There can be nothing more troubling than when your own parents don’t approve of the person who you have chosen to be ‘the one’. Before you become upset and go on the defense, try to diffuse and sort out the situation. Start off by trying to see your partner through their eyes. To many of us, the one we love can do no wrong (or almost no wrong). They seem perfect in every way! You love the same jokes, you enjoy the same movies, and you have the same points of view on many aspects of life. Sit down with […]

Your Top Wedding Cake FAQs

If you have found yourself stressing out over your wedding cake, take a minute and relax! These top wedding cake FAQs have got you covered: Q: When should I start looking for a baker? A: If you are looking for a quality cake baker, than you should give the baker a minimum of 4 months notice prior to your wedding day. That being said, if you want one of the hottest and most renowned cake bakers in town, expect to give the baker at least 6 months notice, if not an entire year. Good bakers are booked up quickly, so […]

The Best of the Different Wedding Desserts

The wedding cake may not be your thing, or maybe you want to offer your guests an alternative treat on your big day. If you’re trying to figure out what desserts to have, it’s time to start making a list and choosing your favorites. How to Come Up with Desserts The first thing to think about is what you like and that are recognized as a treat that may be associated with ‘you’. This may include: Is there a particular cultural dessert that you enjoy’ Or is there a dessert that speaks true to the region of the world you […]