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Your Top Wedding Cake FAQs

→  December 8, 2010

If you have found yourself stressing out over your wedding cake, take a minute and relax! These top wedding cake FAQs have got you covered: Q: When should I start looking for a baker? A: If you are looking for a quality cake baker, than you should give the baker a minimum of 4 months […]

The Best “Groom’s Cake” Ideas

→  December 8, 2010

One of the hottest trends to hit the wedding world is allowing the groom to have his own ‘groom’s cake’. The purpose of the cake? To celebrate the groom, of course! Most brides will admit that their wedding was for the most part, if not entirely, all about them, so having a groom’s cake at […]

How to Get the Perfect Wedding Cake

→  December 8, 2010

Most of us don’t regularly buy expensive cakes, so brides and grooms may feel a bit lost when it comes to trying to find the perfect wedding cake. Below are some steps you can take to ensure that you have that perfect cake on you perfect day: Finding the Baker Unless you regularly visit a […]

Alternative to the Modern Wedding Cake & Desserts

→  December 7, 2010

As time ticks on by, wedding cakes are becoming more and more about the photo-op rather than the actual eating of the cake itself. As a matter of fact, most brides and grooms these days do not even sere the wedding cake as the only dessert for all of their guests but they instead offer […]

How do I Choose a Wedding Cake?

→  November 29, 2010

Think that finding your perfect wedding cake is as perfect as finding a picture of that ‘perfect cake’ and handing it to a baker’ Think again. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying a wedding cake, and even more importantly a lot of brides and grooms are completely oblivious […]

Off-The-Wall Wedding Cake Ideas

→  November 27, 2010

That statuesque white cake. The ornate floral design. The same old swirl pattern you have seen on the last 20 wedding cakes at every wedding and in every bakery window. Let’s get real here: a lot of wedding cakes look the same, are the same, and really could have just been transported from one wedding […]

How to Choose a Wedding Cake

→  November 27, 2010

If you’re thinking about your wedding cake and don’t have any idea what to do, then you have come to the right place. With so many choices available to you these days, it can be hard to decide just which cake is best! Here are some of the best of the best wedding cakes that […]

Modern Wedding Cakes

→  May 1, 2010

If you’re planning to be married in a contemporary ceremony that is put together by your design, why would you imagine settling for a throw-back wedding cake that is steeped in tradition and has nothing to do with your style? These days many couples are interested in buying modern wedding cakes that compliment their individual […]

Cheap Wedding Cakes Don’t Have To Taste Bad

→  May 1, 2010

There is no way of getting past buying your wedding cake. There are a lot of things that can be subtracted from your wedding festivities, or be done much more cheaply. Most people scoff at the idea of cheap wedding cakes, but truly there is nothing wrong with saving a few dollars. Why someone sees […]

Making the Most of your Wedding with the Best Wedding Cake

→  April 1, 2010

So the excitement of all your wedding planning is starting to wind down, your wedding dress has been chosen, you have booked the perfect wedding venue, your bridesmaids are ready to go, but have you had a spare moment at all to think about your wedding cake? While the wedding cake may be an afterthought […]