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What do I Write for my Wedding Vows?

→  December 8, 2010

Got a serious case of writers block’ For a lot of bride and grooms-to-be, this is a terrifying experience most encounter when trying to write up their wedding vows. Some things to think about before starting are: Are you permitted to have your own vows? Will you both be writing your vows separately or together? […]

Sibling Rivalry and your Wedding

→  December 8, 2010

You know your sister almost as well as you know yourself. If you’re reading this, chances are you suspect that you may have a bit of sister-trouble during the days leading up to your wedding, and maybe even on the day of. Your sister may be the ‘whiner’, or she may be the careless ‘indifferent’ […]

How to Write your Wedding Vows: What you Need to Know

→  December 8, 2010

Writing the wedding vows can both be blissful and stressful at the same time. Writing vows brings about fond feelings that we have for the one we are about to wed, but the thought of sharing these feelings, or putting them into a coherent sentence, can be beyond trying for a lot of brides and […]

How to include Junior Bridesmaids on your Big Day

→  December 8, 2010

You know of a special little girl who is just a bit too old to be a flower girl, and who is just a bit too young to be a full fledged bridesmaid. You want her to be a part of your wedding party, but you aren’t sure how to incorporate her. For any girl […]

Top Tips to make your Wedding Ceremony a Success

→  December 8, 2010

Every bride and grooms wants their wedding ceremony to reveal to both themselves and to their guests who they are as a couple, and who they plan to be in the future. Given how ‘cookie cutter’ a lot of wedding ceremonies are, it can be hard to try and make it extra special. Here’s how […]

Help! How do I Write my Wedding Vows?

→  December 7, 2010

We all know how we feel about our partner, about the one we are about to marry. It’s in our smile, it’s in our eyes, but is it ever hard to put things we feel are good enough and even worthy of being read on our wedding day into words! If you are stressing over […]

The Questions You Need to Ask about the Ceremony Site

→  December 7, 2010

If you’re new to this wedding business, like most of us are, then you may very well not know what exactly you should be looking for or what questions you should ask before you sign on the dotted line and agree to any sort of contract. Below are some of the most important questions that […]

The Maid of Honor: What am I Supposed to Do?

→  December 6, 2010

If you have been named the maid or matron of honor, congratulations! The bride as chosen you because she loves and trusts you with helping her plan her entire wedding. Feel like a lot of pressure’ It is. The title ‘maid of honor’ carries with it numerous responsibilities and tasks that a bride may ask […]

What Is the Unity Candle Ceremony?

→  December 5, 2010

One thing that has become increasingly popular in the past ten to fifteen years is the unity candle ceremony. The purpose of the unity candle ceremony is to celebrate and symbolize the union of a husband and wife. Marriage, through this visual display, is being shown as a way to bring two people’s lives together […]

Getting Married by the Justice of the Peace

→  November 29, 2010

Not everyone wants a religious ceremony. Actually, there are a growing number of marriages that do not even take place in a church or any other sacred or religious building. If you are thinking about having a justice of the peace marriage and leaving that religious component behind, it’s a good idea to do a […]

Ethnic Wedding Traditions

→  November 29, 2010

Not everyone’s culture involves having a bride dress in a white gown and walk down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. There are a lot of other ethnic traditions out there that the bride and groom may want to honor on their wedding day. Here are some of the most popular: Jewish Traditions Jewish […]

What do my Attendants Do?

→  November 28, 2010

So you have assigned a maid of honor. You have assigned a best man. You have bridesmaids and groomsmen and ushers and’ These titles are great and all, but do you actually know what role each of these titles play in your wedding’ If you’re like most people, you have no clue. Here is a […]

Help! I have a Lazy Groom!

→  November 27, 2010

As a bride, since the day you became engaged you have probably scoured the internet for all kinds of information on wedding planning and resources. You have located caterers, florists, thought of some creative gifts and you have a good idea of what colors and theme you want. Chair covers, linens, guest list ‘ you […]

How can I Get Our Two Families to Get Along?

→  November 27, 2010

You and your future spouse may love each other, but your families may not. If you have a family that is not all too fond of the other family you are marrying into, this can cause a whole lot of stress and strain not only on the wedding planning process, but also on your future […]

Fall Wedding Ideas

→  May 1, 2010

Are you getting married in the autumn months, and looking for some fall wedding ideas? If so, you’ve sure picked a great month to pledge your love to your special someone. Fall is a month full of fabulous colors, and luscious fruits and vegetables that make fall wedding ideas come easily to everyone. Take a […]

Fall Wedding Centerpieces For Your Big Day

→  May 1, 2010

Cheap and mostly free fall wedding centerpieces are super easy to make. What other time of year are you guaranteed a wealth of free “natures goodies” full of color and beautiful splendor. The key word for most people here would be “free” — but don’t forget how diverse the color of your decorations can be. […]

Wedding Ceremony Decorations

→  May 1, 2010

There is no need to follow tradition when planning your wedding ceremony decorations that will go at the entrance of the building you’re going to be married in. So many people focus on every single aspect of their big day and let themselves get so stressed out. Your alter on the other hand; is an […]

Wedding Backdrops To Change Your Wedding Location

→  May 1, 2010

Most women dream of a spectacular, completely romantic wedding, what they don’t usually think about is budgets. Totally sectioned out by expenses and percentage points. Never do they think about the fact that they might not be able to get everything they desire at their wedding. Once people actually start to plan their wedding, the […]