Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories for a Fall Wedding


Fall is an exciting time of year when the colors of the world begin to change from fresh, lively greens to vibrant earth tones. It’s a great time to be dressing in deep, rich tones that will give your wedding that ‘fall’ feel. There are some other considerations that should be made, however, when dressing your bridesmaids for a fall wedding. Here are some things you should take into consideration:

The Weather

The spring and summer are balmy and warm, but fall is often a time when it’s a bit cooler (especially at night!) and there is almost always an increased risk of rain. Given that the weather and the temperature are a bit less predictable than those warm spring and summer months, you should take different styles of dress and cover-ups into consideration. For example, you may want to try dressing your bridesmaids in a light fabric, such as a silk fabric, and then pair up the dress with a nice cover-up. Shawls and wraps look wonderful with sleeveless dresses. Or, you can also choose dresses with capped sleeves or a matching cropped jacket.

The Style

Though spring and summer weddings means that you can pull off the tea-length style of dress, the longer dresses are more fitting for fall and they will keep your bridesmaids a little bit warmer, especially if you are planning on outdoor fall wedding. For fall weddings, having bridesmaid’s dresses that reach the ankle are acceptable, though most lengths fall either slightly above the knee, or an inch or two below.

The Flowers

If you have already picked out your flowers for the wedding, great! You have a great color base to start working from. Rust colors and warm browns are beautiful choices, or for the slightly more daring bride, try going for a seasonal candy apple red dress to match the rich, warm tones of your flowers.

The Accessories

As mentioned above, a shawl or some sort of cover up should always be a strongly considered accessory for a fall bridesmaid. Never forget to add a handbag either, as your bridesmaid will need a handbag that matches her dress and the colors for your wedding.

The jewelry accessories themselves could be something that matches a fall theme, such as maple leaves or apples. Generally you can choose the same accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings as you could for any other season, but a neat twist may be finding the accessories in tones that match fall colors and that are suitable with the bridesmaid’s dress.

Additional Dress Tips

If you are feeling a bit stuck on what color to choose for your bridesmaids, why not choose a neutral tone dress’ You can choose a rich beige or a darker brown town, but then add a splash of color by adding a bright and bold sash to the waist of the dress. Sashes are flattering on almost any body type, and can even help your bridesmaids conceal any ‘trouble areas’ around their midsection.

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