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Finding Wedding Accessories for your Special Day

→  April 1, 2010

So you have finally chosen that perfect wedding dress that is everything you have ever dreamt of, but the process is not even close to being done. There are still a number of wedding accessories that you need to shop for, pick out, and decide on in order to bring everything together and make you […]

Finding that Perfect Veil for your Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

Whether you are shopping online or browsing all kinds of bridal boutiques, finding that special dress is an absolutely extraordinary experience. And then after it is all done you have to start finding the perfect accessories to match your wedding dress. That is especially true if you have decided that you want to wear a […]

Checklist for Buying a Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

So you are ready to get married and get started on the process of shopping for the perfect wedding dress. But where do you start? What do you look for? How does it all begin? It is time to stop worrying, and time to start enjoying shopping for your wedding dress. Follow along with this […]

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

→  March 20, 2010

Shopping for a wedding dress isn’t always the exciting and pain free experience that many women think it might be, and there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Here are a few dress shopping tips that you should always keep in mind in order to make the experience a pleasant one, […]

Top Trends for your Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

When you are out in the world trying to shop for a wedding dress, it can be an overwhelming task. It can be quite difficult to browse through all of the designs and styles that are out there, and that is especially true if you are not aware of all of the trends and popular […]

Learning to Preserve your Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

After spending weeks or even months, and quite a lot of money, searching for that perfect wedding dress it would be ridiculous to assume that you will just throw it on the floor and forget about it after the honeymoon. After the wedding you surely have a number of things to do, but it is […]

Wedding Dress Alterations

→  March 20, 2010

While many brides believe that their wedding dress will be perfect from the very moment that they put it on, the fact is that quite a few of them will need alterations in order to fit just right. While most dresses do need some form of alteration, it will depend greatly on the type of […]

Finding the Right Length for your Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

The length of your wedding dress may seem like almost a no-brainer for a lot of blushing brides, but if you have no idea what the difference is between mini-length and ballerina tea-length you are going to want to read on with this article. Here are descriptions for the type of wedding dress lengths, so […]

Choosing the Right Look for your Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

Ever since you were a small child you have been dreaming about finding and buying that perfect wedding dress, and that moment is just about here. Now that you are ready to get married, and plan your day, or you still sure of which type of dress you want or are looking for? How do […]

Finding a Wedding Dress with Flattering Fabric

→  March 20, 2010

Most blushing brides and happily engaged woman have heard all about how important it is to find the right fabric when choosing a wedding dress, but very few actually know how to go about doing so. In fact, a lot of women still find themselves unaware of all of the fabric options available to them […]

Finding the Right Dress for your Body Type

→  March 20, 2010

Most women grow up dreaming of the day that the purchase their own wedding dress, but the hard part is that many neglect to think about how they will find the right wedding dress for their body type. All sorts of things such as measurements, style, and fabrics can change how a wedding dress will […]

Learning How to Choose Wedding Day Jewelry

→  March 20, 2010

So you have found that perfect wedding dress, booked your reception spot, and invited all of your family and friends to your fantastic day. However, the planning process isn’t over yet as you still need to find the perfect wedding jewelry to compliment you on the most important day of your life. Choosing the right […]

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

→  March 20, 2010

There is no moment that is quite as special in a woman’s life as picking out the perfect wedding dress. A wedding dress is not only one of the most important parts of anyone’s wedding day, but it will also be a reminder and memento that is kept forever and passed down from generation to […]