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I’m Engaged! Now What?

→  November 29, 2010

Unless this is your second, third, or tenth proposal, chances are that once you have accepted that shiny ring to be worn on your finger that you have no idea what steps to take next. Once you have calmed down from the excitement of becoming engaged, consider these as your next steps to help progress […]

Different Metals for Wedding and Engagement Rings

→  November 28, 2010

Choosing a ring can be hard enough, given the different shapes of the gems there may be, the different clarities, just how many gems you should have on the ring, and price. One thing that is rarely considered or thought about is just what metal is being used for that wedding or engagement ring. Gold […]

What to Look For when Buying an Engagement Ring

→  November 28, 2010

All jewelry stores sparkle with beautiful gems and jewels, but not all rings are created equal. There are a handful of different cuts of rings to choose from, a lot of different stones, different quality of stones, and you can also choose a number of different metal settings too! Before you place your foot into […]

Tips on Buying an Engagement Ring

→  November 28, 2010

If you have stepped into a jeweler lately and you have told them you are looking for an engagement ring, you were undoubtedly flooded with hundreds of choices for engagement rings. Which one should you choose’ All of the different cuts, the different colors, clarity and even the ring size can make anyone’s head spin. […]