Finding the Right Length for your Wedding Dress


The length of your wedding dress may seem like almost a no-brainer for a lot of blushing brides, but if you have no idea what the difference is between mini-length and ballerina tea-length you are going to want to read on with this article. Here are descriptions for the type of wedding dress lengths, so keep them in mind and write them down so you will be prepared the next time you are shopping for the perfect dress. Write them down, memorize them, or just carry this article around with you when shopping for the perfect wedding outfit.



This wedding dress length is almost self-explanatory. It comes with a full skirt much like a tutu and it reaches all the way down to just above the ankles. It is a great style if you are getting married outdoors as it is a lot of fun.



This is another length that explains itself. These gowns are hemmed right at the ankles and can make for the perfect option for semi-formal weddings. You can also find these lengths in form or full fitting.



This length is perfect for the bride who is looking to be a little bit sassy on her special day. This skirt ends high about the knee.



This is one of the best length options when it comes to formal weddings and ceremonies. The hem on the gown barely touches the ground, and this type of length works very well in full styles as well as straight styles. For many brides this is the most popular option when it comes to wedding dress length.



The intermission hem tends to vary from wedding dress to wedding dress and can fall between the knee and the ankle. These types of dresses are fabulous for casual or even semi-formal weddings.

High Low

This wedding dress length is comparable to the intermission style, as it offers an intermission hem on the front and a floor length hem on the back. This is a very popular choice for bridesmaids, but is also becoming a very viable choice for brides all over the world thanks to its unique style.



This is another length that works well for bridesmaids, as the skirt is hemmed just below the knee leaving things a bit more fun and casual.



These wedding dresses are hemmed right at the shin, which means that it is far more formal than some of the other options but still a bit more fun than floor length or long flowing gowns.

As you can see there are more than enough options available for any bride when it comes to the length of their wedding dress. As long as you are aware of all of your choices and know the difference between things such as tea length and a mini skirt. No matter what you choose, just make sure that the length you decide on works with the type of wedding that you are planning, and you will be blushing with happiness all day long.

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