Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles


Try making use of half up half down wedding hairstyles for your wedding day. An up do fits in with any occasion, and a wedding is no exception. They give you an elegant, sophisticated look that can be altered in a hundred different variations. The beauty of this type of style is that it isn’t just for special occasions, it actually works well in casual circumstances just as well as would at a huge event — like your wedding, or at work. While you may be looking for more of a non-assuming look for your wedding day, half up half down wedding hairstyles will add a level of sexy, provocative allure to your outfit — without crossing the line for your loved ones attending.

Preparing For Half Up Half Down Wedding Hairstyles

The half up half down wedding hairstyles require you to pin up part of your hair, while letting the rest of your hair to flow around your shoulder in a natural looking way. This style really exudes sex appeal and confidence. This type of hairstyle isn’t necessarily ideal for everyone, although almost any woman can make it work with some effort. This style is best suited for those of us who have thick, dense hair. Of course, once again, with some effort any female among us can make it happen. Using hairspray, gels, mousses and holding pins will force even thin hair to succumb to the beauty of half up half down wedding hairstyles.

Lets Get Things Started

Women with thin hair who want to use half up half down wedding hairstyles need to not wash their hair for at least a day before the styling. The natural oils in our hair will become our best friend when the multiple parts in the hair, and knots that come along with this hairstyle are put in place. If you find yourself at the morning of your wedding, and you thoughtlessly washed your hair last night after a long bike ride to clear your head: Pre-treat your hair with with some gel and allow it to dry before going to the style appointment. This may seem pointless, but the spray gel will not only add volume to your hair, but it also will become less manageable — which, unlike other styles, will benefit you with half up half down wedding hairstyles. If you, or a girlfriend are going to do the styling, read below.

Before you get started with half up half down wedding hairstyles, but after any pretreatment:

1. You should thoroughly brush the length of your strands, and make sure they’re free of knots and tangles.

2. Next section your hair in 2 inch thick parts, and straighten the parts with a straightener.

3. Allow your hair to cool, then take a rat-tail comb and create a side part that goes from the front of your hairline, down to an inch or two from your crown.

4. Next, brush your hair from the opposite side of your natural hairline and brush it toward the part, then pull the new section behind your ear.

5. Now use a paddle brush to smooth your hair out to hold in any loose hairs trying to pop out.

Your half up half down wedding hairstyles can now be clipped behind your ear, for the time being. Don’t hesitate at this point to begin pulling a few strands of hair to create new sections and put a curl or two in for a unique accent.

Continue in a criss-cross pattern, being sure to over-lap the first section every time, until the desired look is achieved. Add hairspray, and any decorative clips, flowers, etc. Now you have joined the club of half up half down wedding hairstyles.

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