How to include Junior Bridesmaids on your Big Day


You know of a special little girl who is just a bit too old to be a flower girl, and who is just a bit too young to be a full fledged bridesmaid. You want her to be a part of your wedding party, but you aren’t sure how to incorporate her. For any girl between 9 and 14, becoming a junior bridesmaid is a dream come true! Don’t underestimate just how seriously these youngsters will take their role; they often take it a lot more seriously than the adults.

Some of the duties that a junior bridesmaid can be in charge of include:

  • Junior bridesmaids should not be expected to throw any showers, but they should be able to help you put together any favors, snack, and to help with the cleaning up.
  • The junior bridesmaid is still expected to attend all rehearsals and what ever appropriate celebrations there may be (the stagette may not be the most appropriate place for her)
  • She can also help with seating guests along with the ushers
  • She is expected to give her opinion and to provide input on matters, such as venue, the bride’s dress, and the food that is going to be served on the wedding day
  • The junior bridesmaid should walk down the aisle in the wedding procession, as well as stand at the front with the other members of the wedding party
  • If the bride is having a receiving line, the junior bridesmaid is expected to be there too
  • Many junior bridesmaids are also expected to write a little ‘thank you’ note to the bride for including her on the big day

What many brides have to remember is that though this junior bridesmaid may be younger in years than the others, they will not take their job role any less responsibly. You will be surprised just how creative a junior bridesmaid can be, and how invaluable their input will be on your big day.

Junior bridesmaids are also often incorporated into weddings these days as the junior bridesmaid is the daughter of either the bride or the groom. To really make her feel like she’s part of the wedding day festivities, try to include her in important events, such as:

  • Escorting the bride down the aisle and standing next to her at the front of the ceremony hall or church
  • Allow her to perform a special song or dance, or to play an instrument either during the ceremony or the reception
  • Provide her with the opportunity to read you a poem that she feels is special to the family or that is definitive of the bride and groom’s relationship
  • Be in charge of a ‘family vows’ exchange. This is a new trend where after the couple exchanges vows, the other family members come up and share their own vows. With so many mixed families joining together, this is a fantastic way to make sure that not only the junior bridesmaid, but all children, feel included in the big day.

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