How to make a Toast on your Wedding Day


If there is something that the vast majority of people on this planet hate, it’s public speaking. Most brides say that they would rather spend weeks, if not months going through the wedding planning process again rather than giving a toast to all of their guests, but the toast does not need to be so difficult. Keeping in mind that the people in attendance are those who love and cherish you, here is how you can make a toast on your wedding day.

Understand the ‘Why’

Why should you make a toast on your wedding day’ To thank everyone for coming! It also gives you the opportunity to share a few special words about and with your spouse. You won’t get an opportunity like this again, so seize the day and make the most of it.

TIP: As a bit of a consolation, it is not necessary for the bride and for the groom to make a toast. The only person in attendance who is expected to make a toast is the best man.

How do I Write a Toast?

The hardest thing about writing a toast is thinking of a way to try and ‘break the ice’ at the very beginning of your speech. The best way to do this is to open up with something that is amusing, but that isn’t crude, lewd, or an obvious joke of sorts. Telling a funny story about your spouse (that isn’t embarrassing, that is) is a good ice breaker that your guests will appreciate.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your toast should be under 3 minutes in duration. While this may feel like an eternity as you are speaking in front of a group of people, it is actually a considerably small amount of time. Keep the toast simple. After breaking the ice, thank your parents and your in-laws. Thank all of the guests for being there with you. Lastly, toast your brand new husband or wife who is sitting beside you and seal it with a kiss. You don’t need to go into long prose-like stories about your childhood or recite poetry; speak from the heart and use tact. Do not say anything rude or mean spirited, even if you may think it’s humorous (the humor is often lost on your guests and will just make them uncomfortable).

Reconsider the Alcohol

As nerve wracking as it may be to get in front of a crowd of people and give a toast, make sure that you limit or at least monitor your drinks prior to the toast. Though you may think that getting up there and being a bit ‘tipsy’ will make it easier for you, you chance embarrassing yourself, ruining the toast and bore your guests, or you may say some inappropriate things that you did not mean to say.

Can I Read my Toast of off a piece of Paper?

No one likes memorizing things for a crowd of people, but reading your toast off of a piece of paper will come off as cold and not genuine. For the best effect, make sure you memorize the key elements of your toast and fill in the other small details as you move forward.

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