How to Prepare your Wedding Dress for Storage


You’ve chosen the dress, you’ve walked down the aisle, and you’ve partied the night away. So now what are you supposed to do with this beautiful white dress of yours? As much as you may want to frame it, that’s usually something that most brides just have to pass up on! You have to be sure that your dress is stored properly so that it does not become damaged over time. There are two different and most effective ways to store your wedding dress: you can box it, or you can hang it.

Hanger-Style Storage

If you plan on hanging your dress up on a closet some where, you want to be sure that the wedding dress will sit on the hanger without putting a whole lot of strain on the shoulders of the dress, the collar, or sleeves. Otherwise this material may tear over time.

Any gowns that have lacy, sheer, beaded fabrics, heavy skits, hefty trains or bias cut sections should also be stored in a horizontal manner, just because the gravitational pull will cause damage to the dress. When you hang up your dress, be sure to also put a plastic zip up cover around the dress to help protect it.

Boxed-Style Storage

If you have a dress that has a delicate shoulder area, or if the weight of the skirt and/or train is heavy, then you should box your dress. The ideal way of storing any dress is to use a box, just because it is more safe and will prevent any strain from being put on the fabrics of your dress.

When you choose a box, you want to try and choose one that is made of acid-free materials. This may be easier said than done, as there are few boxes out there that don’t have any bit of acid in it. Try to find a box that is just cardboard and does not have any dyes or prints, and if the box has any cellophane windows either remove the cellophane or place tissue paper between the cellophane window and your dress. Plastics enable mildew and mold to grow, two things that will destroy your beautiful gown. It is a good idea to cover your entire dress in dye-free tissue paper to help preserve it. Place the dress in a box, and tape it down. Store it in a dark space.

Other Storage Considerations

There are some other things that you should take into consideration when storing your dress. Some items that may be on your dress simply will not age well, so remove any sort of metal buttons (these tend to rust, which will then ruin your dress), pins, plastic buttons that may become discolored or brittle, buckles, veils, and headpieces. Any foam padding or rubberized shields should also be removed as these items will deteriorate in time and will stain your gown.

Every year or so, make sure you check on your dress to see how well it’s fairing. No matter what precautions you may take, moths may get in there or mildew may grow. If you catch it soon enough, you can prevent both from wreaking havoc on your dress.

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