How to Press your own Wedding Dress

Regardless of whether you have had your dress hanging in your closet for 1 month or 1 year, your dress will have wrinkles and crinkles that will need to be ironed out. A lot of brides these days don’t trust themselves with an iron and will have this professional done, but if you are looking to save a bit of cash and are brave, you can press your dress yourself.

You will need a few tools before you start this process:

  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A water spritzer bottle
  • A thick towel
  • Tissue paper
  • 1 sheet
  • Two dress hangers
  • Two ribbon loopers
  • Pins

1)” Start off by unfolding your ironing board and place the thick towel over your ironing board.

2)” Heat up your iron, making sure to put it on a medium setting. Make sure that you choose to iron WITHOUT steam, and empty any water that may have still be in the iron. Water can cause a great amount of damage to your dress. Any stubborn wrinkles will be removed with the help of your spritzer bottle.

3)” Start with the bodice part of the dress. If the front of your bodice is plain and without any embellishments, you can press it with your iron from the outside. However, if you do have embellishments and decorations on the bodice, make sure you press it from the inside of the gown so as to not cause any damage.

4)” Once the bodice is complete, then move on to the sleeves (if applicable). Take a hot pad or a pressing mitt and slip it over your hand. Place your hand inside of the sleeve, and then press the sleeve against the mitt. Once completed, stuff tissue paper inside of the sleeve (this will prevent the sleeve from becoming wrinkled).

5)” If you have bows on your dress, make sure you press them too using your pressing mitt or hot pad. Once completed, stuff these with tissue paper as well to keep them wrinkle-free and to help them keep shape.

6)” Now comes the train! Find an area where you will be able to hang your dress so that it is approximately 5 inches off of the ground. Starting at the side seam, work your way right around to the front of the gown, and then move to the back of the gown. Take care to press your dress right up to waistline and also right down to the hem.

7)” Once you have finished pressing the dress, take your two ribbon loopers and attach it to the bottom of your train with pins. Hang your dress up some where safe

TIP: If you do not have ribbon loopers, a skirt hanger will also work well.

8)” When transporting your gown, bring the two hangers that are holding the bodice and the skirt together, and then place it inside of the wedding dress bag. Take care when transporting it and you should have a 100% wrinkle-free dress for your wedding day!

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