How to Sell your Wedding Stuff for a Profit


If you have had a wedding recently, there’s a good chance that you have spent a whole lot of money on a whole lot of materials that you used for your wedding, but that are completely useless in any other facet of your life. If this sounds familiar to you, then you may want to consider selling your wedding items for a profit. This is a great way for smart brides and grooms to help pay down any sort of debt or bills that they may have left over from their wedding. Below are some tips on how you can sell your wedding items so you can ensure that you will be selling your wedding stuff for a profit:

1) See what Sells Quickly

To see what sells quickly, you can visit a popular auction websites such as eBay and then use their ‘Advanced Search’ function to seek out ‘completed items’. This will give you a good idea of what is selling, and what isn’t. You can also check out Craigslist and monitor it for a week. See what listings disappear and which stay.

2) Go Neutral

The best way to get a profitable resale on any items that you are selling is to keep the colors at neutral as possible. An ivory place setting is far more likely to sell than a bright pink or purple place setting or table cloth. Don’t kill off any sort of unique factors to your wedding for the sake of resale, but this is something you should consider with anything that isn’t an important item for your wedding or related to your theme.

3) Don’t Monogram

When ever possible, don’t put your names, initials, monograms or anything else that will make it harder for someone to pick up the item and use it. How many people have the initials ‘SW” Not a whole lot. If you insist on using some sort of monograms for your wedding, think about placing place cards on top of the items you would like to monogram and affix them with a ribbon. You can easily snip off the ribbon and still use the item beneath.

4) Sell Things in Sets

Having items that you can sell as a set will really help you rack up more money to pay off your wedding. A candle holder here or there will only get you a few dollars at best, but if you well them in a well put together set then you can easily charge an additional $10 or $20. The money adds up fast and will help pay down any costs you incurred, so make an effort to keep things together as a set.

5) Buy Designer

Yes, designer will cost a whole lot more than if you were to go for some generic or discount brand, but if you do buy designer names, keep the items in good condition and then try to sell them, you can get almost what you paid for them back. This means that you would actually be saving money to buy and then resell your designer items than to buy cheaper items that have zero resale value.

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