How to WOW your Wedding Guests


Chances are that most people who are going to be in attendance on your wedding day have been to their fair share of weddings. If you are looking to really WOW your guests, here are some things you can think about.

The Venue

Your reception venue is the first and best pace where you can start to try and surprise your guests. Choosing a reception that has a fantastic view of the ocean, or a valley, or a winery is a good place to start. Everyone enjoys a reception that is taking place at a gorgeous location!

Choosing a different sort of reception venue may also add that ‘wow’ factor that you have been looking for. Museums, galleries, farms, or even having your reception by the lake or by the ocean are all great choices. The best part of all is that you probably don’t need a whole lot of extra dcor if you choose to host your reception at these venues.

The Dress

You can either choose a completely different style and color for your wedding dress, or you can slip into a different dress at you reception. More brides are buying second ‘wedding dresses’ that are more cocktail style and that have color and a fun flair to them so that they can dance the night away in comfort and style.

The Show

Your guests will love to be entertained by appropriately-themed dancers or artists on your wedding day. If you’re having a beach or Caribbean style wedding, add some steel tin drummers or flamenco dancers. Those of a Celtic heritage can include some Irish dancers to showcase their heritage. What ever it is that will suit your wedding or your culture, it will be a big hit on your wedding day.

The First Dance

One of the most fun ways to really stun your guests, particularly the older crowd, is to change up you first dance. Cue the music, and it may be a soft, slow and romantic song ‘ at first. Five or ten seconds later, change it up to a fast paced exciting song that will surely get your guests moving!

The Drinks

A lot of couples may be creating their signature cocktails, but not all too many are setting up their very own wine tasting. If you have a love of wine and you want to share that with your guests, why not set up a wine tasting for them all during your cocktail hour?

The Dessert

Everyone loves wedding cake, but they love a dessert station even better. Check out a local dessert shop and see if they would be able to have someone come in to help custom make some sort of dessert for your guest. Cookies, cakes, and sundaes are all top choices and they often do offer catering.

The Fireworks

What better way to close up a night of wedded bliss than fireworks’ Alternatively you can choose to use a confetti canon as a less expensive alternative.

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