Incorporating Pets into your Wedding

Pets are like our children. Pets are our very best friends. It’s no wonder that with human beings having such a strong bond to their pet, brides and grooms are always keen on trying to incorporate their pet into their wedding in some fashion.

That being said, there are some pets that just probably won’t be able to handle a wedding as well as the next. Most cats are distant and hate crowds and new spaces, so for the most part most owners will not even consider using them during their wedding ceremony. Other pets, such as ferrets and rabbits and lizards can possibly be used, but usually only if they are leash trained and only if they are used to the hustle and bustle of human activity. When most people think of pets to incorporate into their wedding, they think of their very best friend on the entire planet: their dog.

How can I Use my Pet in my Wedding?

Perhaps the most popular way that brides and grooms utilize a pet in their wedding is for them to be the ring bearer. As pets are often the ‘child’ of both the bride and the groom, this is a natural choice. You can choose to have the pet on a leash and walk with an usher down the aisle to present the rings, which may be affixed to a collar around your pets back (or if they are particularly talented, they can carry the rings in a damage-proof container that will fit into their mouth).

Another option is to have the pet run down the aisle to the bride and groom upon command. Of course, most types of animals will not be able to do this, but if you have a dog whose obedience is up to snuff, this is certainly a possibility. Your guests will be absolutely thrilled to see your beloved pooch race down the aisle to you to deliver the rings.

If you do not want to use your pet as a ring bearer, your pet can also ‘greet’ guests as they enter the ceremony and/or the reception area. If you have a particularly friendly pet, your guests will love it. If you have a pet that may not be as friendly, you can keep them in their cage or aquarium, or have them leashed and held by a trusted person of the wedding party (such as yourself).

Consider Training

No matter what kind of pet you have, you should consider utilizing some training prior to your day. Depending on the pet, this does not mean going out and hiring a professional trainer. If you have a cat who is fairly friendly and leash trained, but may not be used to a lot of people, begin by gradually introducing your cat to louder, busier situations. Begin months prior to your wedding day so that the introduction is gradual and natural, rather than forced and rushed. You can use the same sort of methods with your pet ferret, your rat, or your bird.

Some people would like to have their bird trained to fly to them with the rings tied around the bird’s foot. Depending on the bird, this may or may not be possible. You know your bird best; if he or she seems trainable, visit some pet stores and see if you can find a bird trainer in your area.

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