Making Wedding Headbands


Deciding on the right wedding headbands, or head decorations can be a really long, tedious experience for most brides. Everyone wants to look beautiful and fantastic on their wedding day–this will be the most important day in your life, next only to a child being born. While the process can be lengthy, you can make your life a whole lot easier by: planning ahead, and having a game plan ready when the big day arrives.

Lets look at how to proceed with wedding headbands once you’ve made a decision:

1. Start by covering your headband with a wide fabric ribbon (many use velvet). You can choose to use glue for this step, however, a tougher, permanent finish will be recognized if you sew the needle and thread instead.

Begin at one side of your headband and sew your ribbon to it with the outer seam toward your front. Once that’s done, fold your left-over ribbon down over your seam that has been just sewn–Next sew each of the two ribbon edges together along the inner part of the headband. Once you get to the end, tuck last bit of ribbon in and sew it shut.

2. Now you have to choose how you’d like to embellish your wedding headbands. You can choose flower trimmings and/or rosettes by crafting them from ribbons, or strips of fabric of your choosing. Creativity is your best friend here, and many designs along with instructions can be easily found online. Having someone with the ability to sew is also an asset, as you really don’t want to be stabbing yourself in the thumb on your wedding day. Create small or large trimmings, using real flowers, or the fabric method mentioned. Don’t be afraid to glue some beads into your wedding headbands for a little attention grabbing glitter and shine.

3. Finally start attaching all of the embellishments you want to use in your wedding headbands. Make sure you only glue objects that you absolutely cannot sew, as glue can possibly let you down at the worst possible moment (even if you use crazy glue.). Stitching ensures almost 100% that you won’t have any issues. You may also wish to lend your piece out to another person in the future, so sewing just makes for ready to use wedding headbands in the future.

Additional Thoughts:

Some women will want to attach feathers to their masterpiece; be sure to tie them all together tightly before gluing them to your wedding headbands. Use any buttons you wish, however do be sure they don’t clash with any other elements you might be attaching afterward–it’s a real pain to realize that one element stands out and completely destroys the look of fabric strips you latter added.

So, make sure you plan ahead, before you even start. Have all of the headband elements laid out before starting. Always sew elements on, if at all possible. Remember glue may fail at the worst moment.

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