Making your Wedding Scrapbook


You’vegot the pictures, you’ve got the mementos, and you’ve got a load of cards that you have to store some place. Rather than throw everything into a box, why not make a scrapbook of your wedding day’ Scrapbooks are a great way for anyone with the most to the least level of craft skills to store their memories in one easily accessible place. Nothing is more fun than breaking out the wedding scrapbook full of memories on your first, fifth, and fifty wedding anniversary!

Here’s what you need to create a wedding scrapbook:

  • Acid-free album
  • Acid-free double-side tape or adhesive
  • Acid-free stickers
  • Acid-free paper
  • Acid-free scrapbook pages
  • Photos
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Page protectors

Step 1: Organize Yourself

Take all of the photos you would like to include in your album and organize them into a wedding story. This may begin with pictures from you and your spouse’s first date, your bridal shower, the stag or stagette, or from the actual wedding day. If you made an engagement announcement in the newspaper or online, snip out or print a copy of it out for your album. Take the rest of your photos and put them in sequential order to help build your wedding story.

Step 2: Supplies

You can find a number of scrapbook supplies from a craft store in town, a supply store, or you can even buy the materials online (this is a great way to go if you have limited funds after paying for your whole wedding as they tend to be less expensive). It may seem overwhelming trying to choose what colored paper you want or what stickers to use. Think about your relationship and the wedding day itself. If it was a casual wedding, choose items that give that casual feel. If it was formal, choose more formal items. If you both have a common interest, be sure to add elements of that in your scrapbook too so that your personalities shine through.

Step 3: Arranging your photos

You want to be sure that you crop your photos appropriately and arrange them in such a way that they fit on the page and are appealing to the eye. You want the photos to focus on the people in the pictures rather than the background. Only focus on any background features if these features hold any sort of significance.

Step 4: Secure the Photos & Decorate

Once you have arranged the photos on the paper, make sure you secure them well with adhesive or double-sided tape. Embellish the pages with stickers, markers, sparkles and even some written statements, cards, the program or place cards from that day’ anything from your wedding is a great and memorable decoration for your album. Add some journaling too and include information like your first date, when your first date was, a fond memory of each other, how you became engaged, etc.

Step 5: Protect it

Every page must be covered in a page protector. You don’t want your scrapbook, which undoubtedly took countless hours to do, to become damaged later on when you show your guests, children, and even grandchildren what you have made!

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