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Wedding Processional and Recessional Songs

→  December 7, 2010

So you’re pretty sure that you don’t want to walk down the aisle to the burnt-out overplayed track ‘Here Comes the Bride’, and you don’t want to leave the venue to an age-old song that everyone’s heard and is rather tired of. If you are looking for some different songs to play for your wedding […]

Your Wedding Music: What to Choose?

→  December 7, 2010

One of the hardest things that a bride and groom will have to decide for their wedding day is just what kind of music they are going to play. A lot of the older crowd will have a certain expectation about what is going to be played, whereas the younger crowd will have an entirely […]

Popular Wedding Songs

→  December 7, 2010

Choosing the music for your wedding can be quite difficult. You have a wide range of different ages and people from different areas of the world to please with your musical choices, so you cannot usually just choose music that only you enjoy. If you are scratching your head and stressing out over what music […]

What Songs do I Choose for my Wedding Reception?

→  November 28, 2010

You definitely don’t want your wedding reception to be a snooze-fest, but you don’t want to offend any guests with your choice of music during the wedding reception either. We have all heard the standard tracks that are played at a wedding, ‘YMCA’ by the Village People topping the list of the most overplayed music […]

How to Pull Off your First Dance Without a Hitch

→  November 27, 2010

The first dance that a newly married bride and groom share really sets the tone on their relationship. It’s a great way to really celebrate your special day and to allow your friends and family a glimpse into what you and your new spouse’s relationship is all about. We’ve all been to weddings that have […]

Do I Need a Dance Instructor for my First Dance?

→  November 26, 2010

Not all of us are gifted dancers. Even if we think we may be, oftentimes when we dance with someone else (including our future spouse) we may not be looking as polished and put together as we hope. Brides have nightmares about slipping during their first dance, having their dress rip, having their groom completely […]

Making the Most of your Wedding DJ

→  April 9, 2010

Picking one wedding DJ for your special day can be quite a difficult task as there are a seemingly infinite number of DJs out there that perform weddings and vie for your attention. But how can you make sure that the wedding DJ you choose is perfect for you and your big day? In order […]

Creating Memories with Wedding Songs

→  April 2, 2010

After all the stress, planning, and formalities are over and your wedding ceremony is complete, it is time to kick back, relax, and enjoy being married. There is nothing more to be worried about and it is time to make the most of your evening and have a lot of fun, which is exactly why […]