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The Engagement: How Soon is Too Soon?

→  December 7, 2010

You love each other. You have both known it since you gazed across the room at one another. You both have felt that ‘heat’ and that ‘passion’ from day one. You have been going strong for months now when your other friends have all dumped their mates. This one has got to be meant for […]

How to Announce your Engagement

→  December 6, 2010

He’s gone down on one knee, he’s cracked open the ring box, and you managed to say ‘yes!’ amongst your mounting excitement. Congratulations, you’re engaged! Your mind begins to swirl with tons of wedding planning ideas, like what dress you’ll wear and where you’ll hold it and oh, who are you going to invite? Before […]

I’m Engaged! Now What?

→  November 29, 2010

Unless this is your second, third, or tenth proposal, chances are that once you have accepted that shiny ring to be worn on your finger that you have no idea what steps to take next. Once you have calmed down from the excitement of becoming engaged, consider these as your next steps to help progress […]