Supplies for your Flower Girl


When putting your wedding party together, brides often forget to consider their youngest members of the wedding party ‘ one of which includes the flower girl. Flower girls have to have their own set of things to wear on this special day so that they will be looking their best too. No matter how old or how young your flower girl may be, these are the essentials for her on that day:


A dress is of course an essential, or if she is not a fan of dresses you can try her in a skirt or a ‘skort’ as a compromise. White, flowing A-line dresses with capped sleeves are the classic look for all flower girls, and almost every girl on the planet loves wearing those big, princess-style gowns. When you are looking at flower girl dresses, depending on her age, make sure you sit down with her and ask her what dresses she likes and which she would like to wear. For any girl who is over the age of 3, they do have opinions and the more you make them feel included in the decision making process, the more comfortable they will feel walking down the aisle in front of many people who are mostly strangers to her.


Nice ballerina slippers are an easy way to go. Not only are they classy, but they are also comfortable. Your little flower girl will be happy to wear them all night long.

You can also try having your flower girl wear heels. Little girl heels seem to be all the rage these days, and a lot of little girls are absolutely dying to try them on. If your flower girl is old enough to be able to walk in them properly and that’s what she wants to wear, make it a strong consideration. Again, you’re asking a child to be front and center in front of a lot of strangers, most of whom are adults. Accommodating her wishes will make it easier on everyone involved.

Flower Basket

You can buy a lot of different styles of baskets, some being whicker, some plastic, and some are even made of crystal. What ever you choose, make sure that the size is appropriate for the size of a flower girl. A seven year old girl will be able to hold a much larger basket than a toddler, and a seven year old girl may want a little bit more sleek and sophisticated basket rather than one that is covered in ribbons and flower petals.


Though you don’t have to go all out on jewelry for a little girl, you may want to go shopping with her to go and find her a nice string of pearls, or a shiny necklace and new earrings that she can wear on that day. If you are the bride, think about buying her a small pewter bracelet that has her name engraved on it. You can give this to her as a gift that she can keep as a memory of her day as your flower girl.

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