The Best “Groom’s Cake” Ideas

One of the hottest trends to hit the wedding world is allowing the groom to have his own ‘groom’s cake’. The purpose of the cake? To celebrate the groom, of course! Most brides will admit that their wedding was for the most part, if not entirely, all about them, so having a groom’s cake at the wedding is a good way to allow him to add his own personal touch to the day.

If you’re stumped for ideas about what to get your groom for a cake, or you want to help him brainstorm, here are some of the best ideas for groom’s cakes out there:

The Superhero Cake

If your groom loves his superheroes, go all out and have a special superhero groom’s cake made just for him. The cake can either be cut out in the shape of his favorite superhero (or villain), or it can be the superhero’s emblem, or you can even have a creative 3D superhero cake made for him.

Some ideas for superhero groom’s cakes include:

  • The Hulk
  • Batman
  • Captain America
  • The Flash

The Sports Cake

If your groom has a favorite sport, why not celebrate that by having a cake made to resemble something of his favorite sport’ Some great ideas include having a 3D cake made that looks like a baseball diamond, or a cake that is shaped like a rugby or football. You can also have the cake made to look like his favorite player of all time!

The Movie Cake

So your groom is a bit of a movie buff. Surprise him with a cake made out to reflect one of his favorite flicks of all time! Star Wars fans may appreciate a cake made to look like Darth Vader’s mask or Jabba the Hut. Godfather fans may like tiered cakes, with each cake reflecting a different Godfather movie. Get creative and see what different ideas you can come up with.

The Video Game Cake

A lot of grooms absolutely love their Xbox or their PlayStation, so why not have a cake created to look like these popular game consoles’ The more ‘old school’ gamers may appreciate a cake that is crafted to look like an Atari or an arcade video game. If you include the consoles, you can have these be different flavors or have different icing flavors, or you can have a pile of his favorite games (made out of cake, of course) sitting next to the console.

The Puzzle Lover

Whether his game is sudoku, word searches or a crossword puzzle, you can have a cake created to look like any of these games. Be extra creative and include his favorite cup of coffee, beer, or snack sitting next to the game with his trusty pencil.

The Fisherman

One of the most creative groom’s cake ideas is the fisherman’s tackle box. Creative cakeries will even be able to create it so that the lid or the top of the cake can be lifted up and down, just like a real tackle box. Inside the box you should have your husbands favorite goodies tucked away in there, such as a bag of chips, the TV remote, and a bottle of beer.

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