The Best of the Different Wedding Desserts


The wedding cake may not be your thing, or maybe you want to offer your guests an alternative treat on your big day. If you’re trying to figure out what desserts to have, it’s time to start making a list and choosing your favorites.

How to Come Up with Desserts

The first thing to think about is what you like and that are recognized as a treat that may be associated with ‘you’. This may include:

  • Is there a particular cultural dessert that you enjoy’ Or is there a dessert that speaks true to the region of the world you live in?
  • What desserts do you order when you go out to eat’ Does one place have a particular dessert that another establishment has that you are just dying to share with your guests?
  • Think back to your childhood years. What sorts of candies and other sweet treats were you favorite’ Salt water taffy, favorite candy bars, and even sour gummy candies are all top favorites amongst brides and grooms (and the guests!).
  • If you’re into comfort food, think about what sorts of food you enjoy. Are sundaes your gig’ Or maybe a delectable brownie with nuts is your absolute favorite. Even something as simple as milk and cookies is a fun idea to have as a wedding day dessert.
  • For the globe trotters out there, this is the time where you can incorporate some of your favorite treats from abroad! Think about what sorts of treats you really enjoyed throughout your worldly travels and see if there are any local establishments who will be able to make these for you. Or if your favorite dessert on the road was something from a national convenience store, you can add those to your dessert menu too.

How to Serve the Desserts

Everyone knows how a wedding cake is served at a wedding, but how do you serve a chocolate bar’ Or a sundae’ One of the favorite ways to serve dessert are on little trays that are passed through the crowd, just as you would expect hors d’oeuvres to be served during cocktail hour.

Another option is to have a ‘dessert table’. You can easily add some fancy decorations and set up the table so that it matches the theme of your wedding day, and so that it also tastefully displays your sweet treats.

For the ice cream lovers out there, you can either choose to have an ice cream station where people can stop buy and choose their own toppings and flavor of ice cream, or you can have an ice cream cart similar to those you see during the summer for sidewalk vendors. Get creative! Choosing an alternative dessert affords you that right.

Do I Need a Wedding Cake?

As weddings become more and more modern, wedding cakes are becoming increasingly pass. Don’t feel as if you have to have a wedding cake simply because everyone else does; do your wedding your way!

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