The Biggest Wedding Color Mistakes


You have dreamt about it, known about it, and planned it out right up to this very day. You think you know what colors you want for your wedding, but once you begin putting the plans into motion, you are beginning to have your doubts. For a lot of us brides and grooms, choosing appropriate wedding colors and wedding color combinations is no easy task. If you’re looking to avoid some of the most common and worst wedding color mistakes out there, read on:

Using Too Many Colors

One of the most common errors that brides and grooms make when choosing wedding colors is that they just choose too darn many of them! Having a rainbow of different colors and shades at your wedding will only cheapen the feel and confuse your guests. Simplicity is key when it comes to wedding colors, so stick to four colors, maximum. If you want a more under toned appearance, then you can choose for a few various shades of the same color, but make sure that the different shades are only slightly different.

The most popular way to incorporate colors into your wedding day is to stick with two different colors, both being symbolic of you and your partner. This is a particularly attractive look for anyone who is going for that bolder, monochromatic look. A deep purple with a cream tone, or a bright turquoise with black, are two popular choices.

The Trend is Not Always Right

Every year there are brand new trendy color combinations out there for brides to choose from, but don’t let a trend dictate how your wedding day is going to appear. Make sure that you choose colors that suit your own tastes. Think about colors that make you happy, that hold any symbolic meaning, and that make you feel relaxed. Look around at your surroundings and think about what colors are in your favorite room, or what shades and tones you find in your favorite places.

Balance your Tones

When choosing your wedding colors, you have to think about creating an appropriate balance between the colors. For example, having two bright and bold colors as your wedding colors will probably be too overwhelming and ‘busy’ for your guests, while choosing white with a pale pink and a pale lavender will be far too understated to make any impact on your guests. Make sure you create a balance between a bold color and a lighter, understated color. The goal should be to really annunciate your favorite color, and provide a secondary color to compliment the color, but not overwhelm or challenge it for attention.

Don’t be Predictable

So you’re having a wedding during the holiday season. That doesn’t mean that your dcor has to be green, red and white. Same goes for fall weddings ‘ who says you need to have earth tones’ Try to keep your guests on your goes by choosing different color combinations and be creative!

The most important thing to remember is that you choose colors that both you and your groom love. Remember, these colors will forever be captured in your wedding photos and videos, so choose wisely and choose colors you know you won’t regret.

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