The Worst Wedding Nightmares


Afraid that your Uncle Bob or your little nephew Tommy may turn your day of wedded bliss into a nightmare’ It can happen! Count your lucky stars that none of these wedding nightmares happen to you.

Too Much Booze’

Weddings are a time where the alcohol is usually flowing freely, which may bring out the more colorful and less desirable side of your otherwise wonderful family and friends. The alcohol was to blame when a San Franciscan bride had her sister and her aunt both decide that table top dancing would be a ‘good idea’. One of them fell off, while the other toppled the table over on top of herself. The paramedics sure didn’t find it hilarious, and neither did the bride.

Here’s another common horror story from weddings: the ‘under-agers’ get their hands on some alcohol when no one’s looking. A Colorado bride reported that her 14 year old nephew clearly had gotten into the liquor at the party and then proceeded to dance and strip in the middle of the dance floor. Worst of all, it was all caught on tape.

Every wedding has a toasting session, most of which all toasts are politely listened to, laughed with, and applauded at the end. Well, not for this one Vancouver family. While giving a toast, the groom’s mother rudely had the microphone yanked away by the bride’s mother. The bride’s mother then proceeded to berate the groom’s family, telling them that they were all ‘going to hell’.

The Wedding Crashers

Anyone ever wondered if their ex had lingering feelings for them, or were upset to hear about their engagement’ This one bride from Sydney found out the hard way. As the bride began to walk down the aisle, a ‘strange man’ flew out from behind her, bragged her from around the waist, and began to plead, ‘Don’t do this!’ The bride and her family quickly recognized the fellow to be her ex boyfriend. He was escorted to the door and told never to return.

Another wedding crasher story that definitely haunts the memories of this bride and groom was the stripper crasher. In the middle of the first dance, a strange man broke in between the bride and groom, pushed them to the side, and proceeded to strip down to nothing in front of the wedding guests. When the song ended, he gathered up his clothing and bolted out of the room. To this day, no one at the wedding knows who he was!


Brides and grooms get some rather odd requests on the RSVPs that they receive. The most common oddity is the special diet requests that they receive. A lot of guests request vegetarian meals or vegan meals, but other guests have also requested meals that follow the Atkin’s diet, macrobiotic plans, and they have even asked how many ‘points’ this meal will count towards their Jenny Craig meal plan!

Another odd request: the pet. Some guests seem to just immediately assume that their guests are invited. A bride and groom from Essex thought that the groom’s aunt was joking about bringing her dog as a ‘guest’ to the wedding; they found out 9 months later that she wasn’t kidding when they found the dog sitting on a chair at the dinner table.

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