Top Wedding Gripes your Guests will Have 


Everyone will tell you that you have the most beautiful wedding, but behind the backs of many brides and grooms there are a lot of murmurings going on about what was done well and what was not done so well. Here are some guest ‘tell all’s’ about what they hated about the weddings they have gone to recently.

Travel Time

Guests may tell you that they love your reception venue, but trust us, when they have to drive well over an hour to get there from the ceremony venue, they certainly aren’t thinking about how ‘lovely’ it is. One of the top complaints from guests is the bride and groom having a reception that is miles and miles away from the wedding ceremony, and when the bride and groom don’t bother to arrange transportation for everyone.

Time Lapse

Somewhat similar to the above complaint, many guests absolutely hate it when there is a long lapse between the ceremony and the reception unless the bride and groom are providing snacks and cocktails to their guests. If you are making your guests wait more than an hour or two between the ceremony and reception, and you are not providing food and drinks, you can expect to hear some griping after your wedding day.

Camera Time

If you have hired a videographer for your wedding, you may want to give him or her a heads up on who will probably want to be on camera, and who won’t. All too many guests are bothered by the intrusive videographer who shoves his or her camera into the faces of guests and asks them if they have ‘anything to say’ to the bride and groom. Not only is this done during meal times or when a guest may have had ‘one too many’, but the guest also feels put on the spot and often is lost for words.

Inappropriate Songs

The bride and the groom have every right to choose songs for their wedding day, but just be prepared for some backlash from your guests. Modern songs, or songs with inappropriate lyrics, will be frowned upon by many people in attendance’? So before you put ‘Baby Got Back’ on your music list, take a moment to reconsider and think about how many people will see you, and everyone else, shaking their behinds to the music.

The Buffet

Who doesn’t like options, right’ Apparently some people don’t! A lot of people go to a wedding expecting a classy sit-down meal, so when they find out that it is a buffet they feel it isn’t ‘classy’ or ‘sophisticated’. Some men and women are also shy about people seeing what they have selected to eat, or how large of a portion they may choose. Others are shy about going up for second or third helpings, so they will undoubtedly complain about that.

So guests will complain, guests will gripe, but they’ll never tell it to your face. But hey, you only get married once, right’ Make sure that you make the day your own and without any regrets!

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