Wedding Accessories for the Groom


The wedding day seems to be centered mostly on the bride. We think about her dress, the veil, what shoes she’s going to put on her feet and what accessories she’s going to wear. We think about the bridesmaids and how they’re going to look. We may even think of the flower girl before we even think about starting to dress up the groom.

Whether it’s a tux or a suit that your groom will be wearing, there are always some accessories that you can add to your groom to spiff him up a bit. Here are some of the best accessories that you can choose for your groom:

Ties and Bowties

Ties and bowties are a ‘must’ for most grooms (unless they are wearing a mandarin styled shirt and jacket). The best ties and bowties that you can buy are silk, or you can find some nice and less expensive ties made out of taffeta. If you would like for the ties to match the colors of your bridal party, you can ask the store you buy your bridesmaids dresses from whether or not they have ties. If not, you can ask them for a sample swatch of cloth and bring it to other stores with you. A tie store will surely have a close if not exact match of what you’re looking for.


Nothing says class like a good pair of cufflinks. You can choose from a number of different ones, and even choose cufflinks that are related to your wedding day. If you’re having a wedding in Vegas, why not choose something gambling related like a pair of die or playing card cufflinks’ For beach weddings, you can choose cufflinks that have a more nautical theme such as an anchor or even a starfish. Honor your groom’s ethnic side by having cufflinks that are Asian symbols or use four leaf clovers for those who are Irish. You can also sticks with the stately brushed silver cufflinks to for a polished, sophisticated look.

Money Clips

Money clips are a great addition to any groom’s attire. A money clip in a groom’s pocket gives him a sense of dignity and refinement. You can choose from a number of different money clips, several of which can match the motif for your wedding. To finish off that Las Vegas look, choose a money clip that looks like a playing card. You can even have your groom’s initials or his name engraved into the money clip too.

TIP: Money clips are a nice present for any groomsmen and ushers too!


A handkerchief in the pocket is a great way to finish off your groom’s look. You can choose silk handkerchiefs that match your wedding colors, or that are the same color as your bridesmaids’ dresses to give your entire wedding party a more cohesive and ‘put together’ look.


A fancy pen tucked in the pocket of your groom or his groomsmen will give your men of the wedding party a stately look. Not only that, but everyone needs a pen on their wedding day to write down phone number and addresses, and to make lists of the bride and/or groom’s requests.

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