Wedding Etiquette 101

Just to further complicate matters, there is wedding etiquette that every bride and groom, as well as the guests, are expected to follow. If this etiquette is not followed, you sadly risk offending some of your family and guests who are in attendance.

You want to be polite, and you want everyone to have a good time. So here are some of the most important wedding etiquette rules that must be followed to ensure that everyone is happy on your happiest of days.

The Bridal Party

Some brides think that it is expected of them to pay for everything for their bridesmaids. WRONG! Though some cultures may specify this as a requirement, the vast majority do not expect the bride to pay for the dresses, the accessories, the hair, the jewelry, etc. All that the bride should pay for is for the bridal bouquet, and to give them a gift as a token of your appreciation.

TIP: One thing that every bride should do is get an idea of how much every bridesmaid can afford. Everyone has a different budget, so try to cater to the bridesmaid who can afford the least and come up with creative ways on how to stretch her budget.

When Family Helps Bare the Financial Burden

If a family helps pay for your wedding, one thing that you must accept is that from that point on they do have a say in what happens on your day. The more money they give to you as a gift, the more of a say they have. Some families will not impose in such a way, but be prepared for the ones that will. Always be grateful for their contribution, and always compromise. A fair compromise is that if both parties can’t come to an agreement, no money should be taken.

Addressing Invitations

The common mistake when it comes to addressing invitations is that it is done too casually. Though for the younger generation this may not be a big deal, for any older people they definitely do appreciate having the first name and the last name of the party or parties on the outside of the envelope. Some more traditional people also appreciate having Mr., Mrs., Miss and so on affixed to their name.

Invite the Kids

One of the most difficult things for parents to wrap their heads around are brides and grooms who say ‘NO’ to children. If you plan on not inviting children, expect a lot of parents to say ‘No thank you’ as they may not be able to find babysitters in time or they may just not have the money to pay for one.

Say Thank You

Say thank you, and lots of times. Depending on how many people there may be at your wedding, you could have very well forgotten to say thank you to someone ‘ so just keep right on saying it. It’s also important that you buy the thank you cards prior to your special day. One week after the wedding you should have the thank you cards sent out and in the mail, or if you went on a honeymoon, no later than one week after that. Get your groom to help out!

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