Wedding Favors for Wine Lovers


Whether your guests or you and you groom are wine lovers, there are a ton of fantastic little wine favors that you can put at each place setting on your special day. They can range from anywhere from $1-$20 and are always a welcomed addition into every household.

Wine Stoppers

There is a wide range of different prices for wine stoppers. If you buy plastic ones that are classy and match your theme, you will also find yourself saving about $1-$5 per wine stopper. Make sure that the plastic wine stoppers have a rubberized stopper on the bottom so that it really seals the oxygen in tightly and so the plastic won’t become brittle and break easily.

You can also choose chrome glass stoppers, which can be any where from $0.50 to $10 more than a plastic wine stopper. The price is really dependent on detailing and quality, as well as the quantity that you may get in a set. A lot of wine stoppers come as ‘sets’, which usually is of 2 or 4 wine stoppers each. Each one may have a different design, but each should definitely compliment the theme of your wedding.

Wine Bottle Openers

Fancy wine bottle openers are a big hit at weddings, because everyone will need to use it at one time or another. A lot of wedding favor companies will allow you to choose from a number of different tops for your wine opener, though they all should feature a sturdy metal screw-shaped implement at the bottom that is long enough to penetrate any cork and pull it out of the bottle.

Wine Glass Charms

Wine charms are a cheap yet fun way to celebrate your day. These charm sets usually come in a pack of four, and a pack of four may cost $2-$3 each. You can affix each wine charm to every wine glass at the table, and advise the guests that the wine charms on each glass are their little take home gift. Some bride and grooms even go so far as to tell the guests to take the entire glass home with them, though if you do choose to do that make sure you provide enough wine glass boxes and tissue so that they can be transported home easily.


Another practical and functional gift! Why not give away sets of wine coasters at your wedding’ The great part about these is that most coasters can be engraved, and several will also allow you to put a picture of both you and your bride or groom in the center. Your guests will definitely never forget your special day!


Obvious gift for the wine lovers ‘ give away wine! To do this on the cheap, you can actually bottle your own wine several months beforehand (though try to give it at least 6-12 months) and then give them away on your day. Add your own personalized labels to the bottle and voila! You have wine wedding favors! Making your own wine can run you about $3-$5 for a standard 750ml bottle, so it isn’t the least expensive favor. This can work well for a small wedding party.

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