Wedding Hair Ideas – How To Choose


As women we all know, it isn’t just the dress that makes for a great impression at our wedding; but also how we look in that dress. If our hair style doesn’t look perfect under our veil then we will look and feel terrible. The most ideal styles for our wedding, are the ones that compliment our dresses, along with our personalities. Having the right wedding hair ideas is among the many important things that go hand in hand with the rest of our wedding day plans.

Well before we decide on an appropriate style for our hair, it’s important to choose the perfect salon to have it styled at–that can work with our wedding hair ideas. One needs to choose a salon that they are familiar with, or that has been recommended by someone you trust. The very worst thing that could happen, leading up to the day; is to end up with a stylist that isn’t familiar with wedding hair styles, or doesn’t have much experience. Be sure to book an appointment well before the big day, as many larger salons which specialize in wedding hair ideas/styling get booked with long waiting lists, especially during the spring and summer months.

We also need to account for the shape of our faces, along with the dresses we plan to wear. Equally important is having planned what type of veil we will be wearing and how much of our hair style the veil will cover. If someone is planning to wear a tiara or veil that drops over their face, it’s important to make sure that our hair style won’t look awkward, or matted down. The best wedding hair ideas to compliment a tiara is the most simple–don’t go overboard. One could choose an elegant bun landing at the nape of the neck, or a high bun more toward the top of the head. If you want a formal look choose a part in the center of your head, with curls or a ponytail style flowing down the back.

For those of us planning a wedding that is more of a casual nature, then simply place a few flowers in the hair to accentuate your look–or even better still, let the hair hang naturally with a couple of strategically placed jewels. Flowers are also a popular choice for wedding hair ideas, particularly for a more informal, casual wedding, instead of a pricey veil. They can create a fun and innocent look, while still creating an aura of grace and virility. One could match the flowers in your hair style to the flowers in your bouquet for a flowing look.

When your looking into wedding hair ideas, be sure you plan something you love. Don’t just go with something you can live with. There are many stylists who will gladly make you look beautiful–simply by your willingness to let them use you as a reference for their future customers. Be sure to account for your surroundings, accessories, and size/shape of your face before making final decisions. Don’t settle for second best.

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