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Making wedding table plans will make for a surprisingly time-consuming experience for planners. In the early stages of wedding planning one can be apathetic about the entire idea of making wedding table plans. You always have the comfort of knowing that you can get around to it once everything else is taken care of. You can always plan out the whole affair over coffee with your bridesmaids, or after dinner with your soon-to-be in laws. Right?

As the weeks go by you may begin to look closely at the ever-growing guest list, and even further into the planning process; you may start to envision the clashes that could take place by putting certain people close to each other (not everyone will get along).

You come to the conclusion, with horror, what may happen if you put Uncle Bradly and his life-partner, Uncle Brian, at the same table as Uncle Bradly’s ex and her new partner. Does making those wedding table plans seem as easy now? You never thought it would be so complex did you?

As your wedding day nears, you will hopefully start to make progress, until the awful truth dawns on you ‘ creating a wedding table plan is kind of like playing several games of poker, against half a dozen people at the same time; with the bonus that if you lose any of the games ‘ your wedding day is at risk of looking like a scene from a cheesy movie or soap opera desperate for excitement.

So, maybe now you decide that the least difficult thing to do is to leave the other tables themselves for a moment, and only concentrate on the tabletop settings. So you place the Groom and Bride in the middle, along with the Best Man, Maid of Honor, Ushers, and Bridesmaids. Then we add the Groom’s parents…but now realize that we have a new problem ‘ do we put the Bride’s father with her step-mother, or put her real mother together with her ex-husband? Then you stumble on to the father’s RSVP stating he will be bringing his new wife. Your guests will do everything they can to make wedding table plans difficult.

Next you decide to rip your wedding table plan up and start over, perhaps with the idea of stay away from a top table and instead having the Bride and Groom on a quaint romantic table for two, with your family divided up in “safe” groups at tables around you.

Things appear to have got a little easier, when Cousin Marie from the UK calls and says she can’t make it. To make matters even worse, Marie was the only thing standing between her father (Uncle Sam) and his older brother (Uncle Rick). Now what are you going to do?

As you can see, wedding table plans can get the better of you–even if you’re sane to begin with. It’s best to use an online computer-based program, so you can make changes on the fly, as things come up. Remember, this is your special day and you don’t want to let the planning stage ruin the best day of your life.

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