What do I Write for my Wedding Vows?


Got a serious case of writers block’ For a lot of bride and grooms-to-be, this is a terrifying experience most encounter when trying to write up their wedding vows. Some things to think about before starting are:

  • Are you permitted to have your own vows?
  • Will you both be writing your vows separately or together?
  • Decide what tone you want to use ‘ humorous, romantic, sentimental, etc.
  • Keep it under 1 minute in duration

It’s also a good idea to flip through some photo albums and watch some videos of you both together to revive those great memories that may have become cluttered over the past couple of years since you have been dating. With that in mind, here’s how you can start writing your vows:

1)” Think about what came to mind when you first saw your fianc. An example of this could be, ‘When I first saw you at ________ I knew _________.’

2)” The first time you realized that you were in love with your fianc is another fond memory that your guests will love to hear. It’s also a great opportunity to throw in a funny one liner! An example of this would be, ‘I knew that I was in love with you when ___________.’

3)” How has your view of the world changed’ Undoubtedly, meeting this important person has changed your life. Think about new things you tried, new places you visited, or any new perceptions or wisdom you have gained. An example is, ‘Before I met you I _________ but now I _________.’

4)” What do you miss about your fianc when they are not there’ Think about a time when you woke up in the morning and he or she wasn’t there, or when he or she went on a trip out of town. Things that people often miss are a smile, a kiss, or even their dirty socks lying on the floor, reminding them that they are there.

5)” If you’re a music or movie buff, steal a line and use it in your vows. This is even better if you incorporate a song that you both enjoy. For instance, you can use Jack Johnson’s ‘You and Your Heart’ in a line like, ‘You and your heart are what make me happiest’.

6)” Think about a funny experience that you two both shared and think about how it gave you a new perspective on them. For example, ‘When I saw how happy you were laughing along with ________ I knew that you were crazy enough to spend the rest of your life with me.’

7)” Are there common goals or values that you both share’ Recognizing that common bond that holds you together is something that your partner and your guests will love to hear.

8)” Is there something about your fianc that truly inspires you like no other’ You can phrase this as, ‘Your ________ has made me realize ________’.

9)” A good way to conclude your vows is to think towards the future. Where do you see you both in 10 years time’ 20 years’ 50 years’ State it in a way that it is something that you look forward to, such as ‘I look forward to ________ as we ________.’

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