What to Get your Bridesmaids for a Gift


After they have spent endless grueling hours reviewing and checking every part of your wedding over with you, spent money on a dress, spent money on having their hair and make up done, spent money on shoes and spent money on accessories and your wedding shower and your stagette’ the list goes on and on. Moral of the story is that they deserve a thoughtful gift from a thankful bride. It can be hard to decide just what to get your bridesmaids to tell them how much you truly appreciate all of their efforts. Here are some ideas you may want to think about:

The Flask

Nothing says ‘bridesmaid’ more than a hot pink and personalized flask with her name engraved on it! This is a great present for the younger bridesmaids (who are legal to drink, of course). Even if it is never used, it will definitely be sitting out some where for everyone to see. Every visitor who goes to your bridesmaids’ homes will ask them what the story is behind it, and she will be more than thrilled to tell them.

The flask does have a functional use, too. If you have a bridesmaid who likes to party hard (every bride does), this is definitely a good way to go.

Jewelry Boxes

If you have a bridesmaid or two who loves jewelry, strongly consider having a personalized jewelry box made for her. Though it may sound expensive, there are a lot of websites online that will do these for relatively cheap. The quality of the products is good, too, so you do not need to worry about paying less for an inferior product.

Personalized Bags and Totes

Everyone woman can use about 100 different bags in her life. You can buy your bridesmaid a bag she has been dying to get her hands on from her favorite store, or you can have personalized bags and totes created at a seamstress’, an engraver’s shop, or online. You can also choose from cosmetic bags, suitcases, reusable grocery bags ‘ let’s just say that if there is a bag out there, it can be personalized and be tailored to your bridesmaids’ tastes.

Bath Robes

If you are planning a spa day with your girls prior to the wedding, why not surprise them with their very own personalized kimono style bath robes’ Luxurious and pampering, they are sure to appreciate the thought you have put into it. Pair it up with a pair of terry cloth slippers and you’re good as gold!

Compact Mirrors

What woman on this planet doesn’t have a compact mirror in her purse’ A lot of women are carting around a small mirror that they broke out of their powder compact case, or they still have that ancient powder compact case from 5 years ago in there. Why not buy a compact case that is personalized and that is just for her’ It’s practical, it’s pretty, and it’s surely to be appreciated. On your wedding day alone she will probably use it at least 20 times!

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