What Your Wedding Colors Mean


Have you already picked out your wedding colors and you’re wondering what your colors say about you’ Or maybe you’re still in those first stages when you are trying to figure out what wedding colors you want to have so that you set the right tone for your wedding. Here are some of the most popular wedding colors out there today and what they will say about your special day:


There are a lot of different blue tones out there, each which hold their own individual meaning. The general feel of the color blue is calmness. An added bonus to the color blue is that almost everyone likes some shade of blue, if not all shades. Lighter blue shades, like robin’s egg blue give the feeling of being friendly and dainty. Darker colors are more stately and strong, yet elegant. Turquoise tones give that feeling of fun and playful.


Pink is a great option for anyone who doesn’t like the harshness of red. Pink is soft and sweet. Pink is less serious than red and will give your wedding that pretty and playful feel. The more pastel shades of pink will provide a sense of tenderness and gentleness, whereas the hot pinks will be more spunky and sporadic.’? You can find pinks these days paired up with a number of colors, such as black, brown, and blue.


The nature of green is to be a reflection of life, renewal, health, and also a symbol for a clean environment. Green tones are similar to blue in that they tend to be more restful and relaxing. A great part of green is that a lot of the shades are a perfect blend of warm and cool tones, making it a color that is also a reflection of balance and harmony. Spring time weddings will benefit from using a medium green to light green tone, and winter or fall weddings will pull off a wedding of sophistication and elegance with a deeper, richer color of green.


Silver has always been a popular choice for a wedding color. It is classy and sophisticated yet it is more lively and playful than a basic gray shade. You can use silver in a number of ways, such as to create that ultra chique and modern wedding, or you can use it for a more traditional style of ceremony. No matter what, there’s always a place for silver!


Gold is the color of extravagance and richness. Its warm tone can be paired up with a number of other similarly warm toned colors to help create either a more classic feel of wealth or you can pair it with other colors to create a modern feel. Gold can be a bit overwhelming if you use it as a main color, so consider using gold simply to add a bit of a more luxurious feel to your wedding day.


Black has always and will always be popular with weddings. Why’ It’s sophisticated, easy to use, and black can go with nearly any color combination out there. Black is sexy and mysterious, but a bride must take care to ensure that any black that she uses will not become overbearing.

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