Where you should Say “I Do”


Finding that perfect ceremony site is an extremely important decision that a bride and groom have to make. This is the place that you will always remember for the rest of your lives, and so will your wedding guests.  Even prior to the wedding both you and your guests will be taking in the surroundings of your wedding ceremony site, and will be commenting about how lovely (or how awful) it is.  If you are still wondering where you should be saying your vows, here are some easy ideas:

A Church

This decision is a no-brainer for anyone who belongs to a particular church or religion.  In a lot of cases, these brides and grooms won’t even have the option to be wed any where else!  There are a lot of benefits to being married in a church, apart from you both also taking your marriage as an opportunity to celebrate and share your faith with guests.  It’s often less expensive than other venues, and most of the floral arrangements are already provided so you need not spend an arm and a leg on flowers for your wedding ceremony.  What a bonus!

A Park

Parks are a wonderful way to go, as long as you don’t mind some members of the public ogling your ceremony.  For brides and grooms who don’t care about keeping their wedding private, a park will provide you with the most beautiful backdrop for your ceremony.  Just be sure that you plan a wedding in the park at a time of year where it will be warm enough for you and your guests, and when there is the least likely chance of rain.  Regardless, any park wedding ceremony means that a bride and groom will also have to rent tents that are large enough to cover themselves and their guests, just in case the sky opens up and the rain starts to fall.

The Beach

Who doesn’t love a beach wedding?  You don’t have to go away to the Caribbean to have that beach wedding that you always wanted.  Almost all cities or towns have parks and beaches available to you, so you can throw your wedding right on the surf.  Check with your local parks and recreation board about how many people you can have on site for your wedding, what decorations are allowed, what food you can bring, and any other details that may affect your day.  As with the park wedding mentioned above, be sure to rent tents that will accommodate you and your guests.

At the Reception Site

If you have already chosen a reception site, why not have your wedding ceremony on those grounds as well?  Of course, this isn’t always possible, but in many cases it is!  If you have already booked your reception site, you can ask them if you can also hold the ceremony there for a nominal fee.  Most venues are more than happy to accommodate you as they know that they already have you guaranteed for the reception afterwards.

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