Winter Wonderland Weddings


While most brides insist on having their weddings during the warmer spring and summer months and have summery, warm themes, there are always those few who absolutely insist on having a winter wonderland wedding. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can definitely have that winter wonderland wedding that you have always wanted, no matter what time of year it is.

To create your perfect winter wonderland wedding, the key here is dcor. Your decorations that you choose will make or break your theme, and you have to be sure that you choose the right ones so that the tone is properly set.

Winter Wonderland Colors

Reds, oranges and warm tones should definitely be avoided if you really want to pull off your winter wonderland theme. What really works are white tones, silvers, black, grey, blues, and any other color with a blue undertone. Purples and some darker greens can also make your winter wonderland wedding stand out.

Winter Wonderland Dcor

Think of ice and snow. This means a lot of silvery, reflective surfaces and fluffy white stuff. One thing that really helps pull off the winter wonderland wedding theme is to use mirrors. You can easily incorporate mirrors into your centerpieces, and for cheap! Tea candles set up around mirrors is a classy and beautiful way to create a centerpiece.

Smaller white Christmas or holiday lights, when set up nicely, will really create a festive feel during your reception. A popular way to utilize these lights now is to place them under a sheer, colored sheet that matches the theme of your wedding.’? You can usually rent these types of overlays from any catering or linen company.

Smartly placed tinsel can really help create that winter wonderland wedding effect, but you have to make sure that it is used in a tasteful manner. Many brides will commit ‘tinsel overkill’ and place the tinsel every where, which will make the wedding reception hall appear cheap and shoddy. Make sure that before you begin putting the tinsel up, you preplan where it will be placed and ask for a few different opinions before you start.

Something that every bride and groom dreams of for their winter wonderland wedding is snow. If you don’t happen to have snow, or if you are in a venue where you are unable to see the snow outside, you can always create your own snow. One fantastic idea that many brides and grooms come up with is renting a snow maker. The snow maker should not run the entire time, but only when the bride and groom dance their very first dance together. The snow maker will usually stay on for another 10 to 20 minutes afterwards so all of the guests can also dance under the snow and catch the snowflakes on their tongue.

TIP: Prior to renting the snow maker, make sure that your wedding reception venue will allow for the snow maker. Many will say ‘no’ as the water and chemicals may damage the wood of the dance floor.

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