Your First Dance and Performance Anxiety


No matter how poised and beautiful every bride and groom have seemingly appeared at each wedding you have gone to, most of those brides and grooms are sweating just a little under those lights during their first dance. Unless you are a professional performer, the first dance does put a whole lot of pressure upon a bride and groom to appear perfect and in unison as they perform some sort of pre-planned dance. To make both you and your groom more comfortable and to allay any anxiety on your special day, here are some ways you can help make your day more fun.

Dance how YOU Want To

All because someone told you that the waltz or the rumba was the only ways you can dance as a wedding doesn’t mean you have to believe them. If you hate the waltz and you abhor the rumba, then by all means choose a different style of dance! You can tango, or you can even create your whole new dance that perhaps is a mockery of the typical first dances that you have seen at other weddings. Everyone will appreciate your fresh and funny outlook on the event.

It’s All in the Song

If you don’t enjoy the song you’re choosing, then why the heck would you want to dance to it in the first place’ There is no rule in the fictitious ‘wedding rule book’ that says you must dance only to classical music. Change it up and throw on your favorite rock tune or a hip hop track both you and the groom love. That will surely get your feet moving!

Get Help

Dance lessons are open to everyone. A lot of dance instructors actually cater just to brides and grooms who may need a bit of a ‘boost’ when it comes to throwing down the move on the floor. You can usually sign up for any number of lessons that you choose, and you can choose individual or group settings. If you are completely at a loss about which style of dance to use, your dance instructor will be able to make educated suggestions.

Yes, You Gotta Practice

There’s no way that you and your groom will become a dancing sensation overnight. As much as you may hate to hear this, it’s absolutely true: practice, Practice, PRACTICE! If you don’t practice, even if you are taking dance lessons, then there is a good chance you will be very nervous during your first dance and there is a much higher risk of you messing it up. Now that’s nerve racking!

Remember to Breathe

Most importantly, you have to breathe. Take slow, deep calculated breaths before you even step onto the dance floor. As you move with your new spouse, continue to breathe slowly and think about your steps and your pacing. Listen for the beat of the music. Taking the time to breathe properly will help center your focus while also relaxing your body, so it does a ‘double duty’ for you.

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